Bunker Laser Tag
Welcome to The Bunker LaserTag, a fast-paced real-life version of your favourite first-person shooter video games.

With no projectiles, no bruising, no mess and no goggles, Bunker LaserTag is great fun for all ages from 8 upwards.

Our main game arena is a tailored-made, multi-level indoor map within the walls of a genuine Cold War Nuclear Bunker. This atmospheric gaming environment and our team-based scenarios deliver a laser gaming combat experience to remember.

Cobra Laser Gaming Gun

We use the latest technology from Battlefield Live Indoors in the form of our formidable Cobra live-gaming guns. Packaged in a lightweight, sturdy poly-carbonate body shell, these guns are suitable for all age groups and hold an array of sophisticated technology inside to ensure the best laser combat experience.

Realistic gun sounds, live feedback, multiple life and ammo options, and personal stats displayed on each guns LCD HUD screen make our system second to none. We'll give you the firepower... you provide the wits, intelligence and winning strategy.
For groups that book an exclusive session with Bunker LaserTag, we also have our amazing outdoor Urban Apocalypse game map for an even larger variety of fun missions. Of course, if its raining, we can stay inside in the dry and leave that outdoor stuff to those crazy paintballers.

Bunker Laser Combat Battles are suitable for: We offer two Laser Tag packages for groups from 8-16 players, and tailored multi-team-format bookings for larger groups.

Upon arrival at the Bunker, our dedicated and friendly staff will oversee your meet and greet period, followed by a detailed briefing explaining how the equipment works and stressing the three golden rules we have at Bunker LaserTag:

No Running No Running No Climbing No Climbing No Contact No Contact

Game Props include Claymores, Boobytraps and even a Nuclear Bomb

All of our games are fully supervised by trained, friendly staff with an emphasis on fun and safety. We have a variety of scenarios, props, game features and a few surprises to keep things interesting and varied.

Gameplay ranges from the simple Team Deathmatch to our very own versions of Domination, King of the Hill, and Attack/Defend the Objective. We have Medic Boxes, Perk Boxes, Objective Targets and even a Nuclear Bomb all built in to our amazingly designed game maps.
You will then be led to the Bunker itself and the upcoming game scenario will be explained to you before the doors open and you are immersed in to the action!

Bunker LaserTag is available for bookings 9am to 5pm every day of the week.

We are also available by special arrangement for evening games (please contact us to discuss - there is a surcharge of £20 due to extra staff costs).

To book, call us on 07341 894 992 or click on the Book Now button under the Exclusive Group or Birthday Party package of your choice.

Contact: 07341 894 992 . Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 . Viable Ages: 8+ . Location: Exeter, Devon . Teams: 2 . Players: 16
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